Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I think I just might have the scoop on this one. Odious, Steve, this is for you (although Mr. P will no doubt be highly amused/appalled when he gets back from the bottom of the Grand Canyon).

Apparently, a scientific research materials company called Eppendorf has developed a line of automated pipetting systems called epMotion. And what better way to sell automated pipetting systems than making a music video with. . . a boy band?!?!

Oh yes. You have to take a look. Don't ask any questions. Just do it.

But if you insist, here's a sample of some of the lyrics:

Pipetting all those well-plates, baby,
sends your thumbs into overdrive
And spending long nights in the lab makes
it hard for your love to thrive.


And it’s called epMotion
(whisper: ‘cause you deserve something really great)
Girl you need epMotion
(whisper: yeah girl it’s time to automate)
It’s got to be epMotion
(whisper: no more pipetting late at night)
Only for you epMotion
(whisper: girl this time we got it right)

Cell Cultures
Less reagents
Faster workflow
Saves you money
Well, well, well

Well, well, well indeed.

I am waaaaay too amused by this.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Support Your Local Businesses!

On a recent trip to the Great Republic, I mean. . . uh. . State, that is, of Texas I was very sorry not to have a camera handy when I saw the following business establishments:

The Yahweh Beauty Salon
That one was in my lovely hometown of Killeen, right across from my old high school.

Chupacabras Ice Cream Parlor
In Dallas, one of the quaint, "ethnic" neighborhoods.

That's all I know, folks. Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to patronize either of these fine, local, family-run (presumably) establishments. I don't know what kind of ice cream flavors they had at Chupacabras (I'm open to suggestions) and Yahweh Beauty Salon (or maybe it was Beauty School, or Academy), well, I just have no idea. There's material there for a short story, but it might not be believable.

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