Monday, August 22, 2011

Classy Evenings in Santa Fe

About 6 yesterday it started raining. It was one of those flash flood, monsoon rains where it goes from not-raining to you're-soaked-to-the-skin-if-you step-out-for-5-seconds-raining in about a minute. And since we do live in the desert the drainage system on our street, like many in this town, leaves something to be desired. So in about 5 minutes we have current running down our street, and the water's starting to come up onto the curb, dramatic, but pretty normal for the summer storms.

Anyway, it's getting time to leave for the opera, so Jackson puts out the trash like the good husband he is, since they come fairly early on Monday. When he comes back in he says jokingly, "I hope the trash can doesn't float away out there," (who sees where this one's going?). We get ready and are pulling out of the driveway when he says, "Uh, where is the trash can anyway?!" It sure wasn't where he left it and sure enough, we drive about a block or two down the street and there it is, floating along merrily, our bags of trash bobbing along in front of it! It's still raining pretty hard at this point and yes, we are in our opera clothes (it's Santa Fe so not super fancy, but still) and yes, I'm about 8 months pregnant but there we are, at least ankle deep in running water, (mostly Jackson I have to admit) grabbing the trash can and fishing our bags of trash out of the creek-like street. Pretty amusing scene, I'm sure. One of those "Santa Fe is so spiritual" moments I guess.

At any rate, about 15 minutes and a change of clothes later we're on our way again and uneventfully make it with about 10 minutes to spare. So the moral of the story is always make sure to leave yourself plenty of time when you're going to the opera!