Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Good Food Blog

So I was going to to to the gym and go swimming tonight, I really was. But at 4:50 one of our needier clients called, and kept me on the phone discussing her estate plans until 5:40. They're supposed to come in and sign their wills tomorrow and really just want them to go away at this point, so I thought it best to put in the time tonight.

So I pull into the gym parking lot about 6:00 (and lap swim only lasts until 7:00) still trying to make a go of it and there is literally no parking space to be had. I think they were having some kind of elementary/high school basketball game there because I doubt this many people are into free weights and Pilates, even in Santa Fe. People are parked on the sidewalks and all along the road. At this point I give up and decide to to home and cook dinner. What's in the fridge? Uhhh, we have plenty of egg from the chickens, who are still laying well, there's some red chile sauce, so huevos rancheros are an option, although I doubt the beans I made about 2+ weeks ago are still good (blech!!). There's a few slices of bacon, some pasta, random cheeses left over from a squash tart I made over the weekend. I know there's some kind of dish that involves pasta, a cream sauce and bacon. . .pasta. . car-something. Well, if the universe is set againt me getting any exercise this week (which it is, I've meaning to go every night this week!) I might as well have pasta with cream sauce and bacon, right? Right!

My old standby, Cooks Illustrated let me down but Google brought up What Geeks Eat, about halfway down the page. They had a super-simple receipe for Pasta Carbonara, which was exactly what I was looking for. Upon looking more closely, a recipe for Bacon Donuts with Maple Glaze showed up ("Can you make those now?" says Mr. P.), along with Pistachio Lambchops, a paella and a blogroll full of delicious sounding blogs.

So check it out!